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3 Websites Launched in 3 Weeks

3 Websites Launched in 3 Weeks

We’ve ended 2014 with a bang by launching 3 websites in just 3 weeks for 3 awesome clients!

Candida Abrahamson, PhD

We’re happy to claim Candida Abrahamson as our first client from Illinois! Now in 3 states, Candida gave us a great opportunity with a unique website rebuild. While maintaining a blog hosted at, Candida also had a website that pointed out some of her services. Unfortunately the disconnect between the two websites was great, not only in design and other aesthetics, but in its content and organization, too.

We decided that getting rid of the old, main website, while rebuilding the one would give us the best result. After a major overhaul from the ground up, the website now has a greater focus on her services while maintaining an integrated blog throughout, providing additional information, usability, and search engine optimization for the website.

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Danglers Hockey

With only 3 days left before a big event,’s shopping cart went down with a fatal error, incapacitating the checkout process which caused a complete halt in orders. Even worse, the original developer of the website had gone MIA (as we hear so many do, unfortunately). To top it all off, the error was being caused by an outdated theme and the theme’s author didn’t have any plans to update it! Yikes!

Fortunately for Danglers Hockey, they had called upon our assistance for some unrelated work over a year earlier and knew they could count on Coldfire Promotions.

After identifying the cause of the error and weighing the possible solutions, and with less than 48 hours until our deadline, we decided to go with a complete conversion from Jigoshop, a WordPress e-commerce plugin with about 500k downloads, to WooCommerce, our standard for e-commerce and one of the most popular WordPress plugins with over 5.5 million. In addition to converting the technical side of the website, we also gave a beautiful, user-friendly, and feature packed makeover. After working through the night we excitedly launched their awesome new (working) website, just in the nick of time.

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Brooks Brewing

It had been almost 3 years since we built the BrooksGroup website, a patent law firm in Shelby Township, Michigan, but the Brooks family knew Coldfire Promotions could surpass their expectations again when they decided to open their very own microbrewery. Even though the brewery hasn’t even opened yet, the Brooks Brewing website is going strong, loaded with polls, online private party reservations, an event calendar, and of course a fully-equipped online catalog of their brews. In addition to creating a warm and welcoming environment with the use of WooTheme’s plugins, extensions, and themes, we utilized other 3rd party tools to create additional functionality that would provide their users with the most enjoyable experience possible.

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But wait, there’s more!

While we’re incredibly proud of our 3 launches in 3 weeks, we just couldn’t help doing a little year-end cleanup ourselves. I hope you enjoy our own website makeover here at! There’s nothing like a fresh look for the new year.

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