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Coldfire Promotions wins Social Paintball DSLR Video Contest!

Coldfire Promotions Wins Social Paintball Video Contest

It took a couple months of (patiently, I swear) waiting, but the wait is finally over and it was all worth it. We’re proud to announce that Coldfire Promotions has just been announced the winner of the Social Paintball DSLR Video Contest!!! Social Paintball is widely known as the premiere paintball social networking community producing thousands of videos and photos every year, capturing paintball events throughout the world.

After a 6 year break from the sport, Coldfire Promotions owner Jason Stomps recently got back into it about 5 months ago. By combining his passion for the graphic arts and his love for the sport of paintball, Jason started filming and photographing paintball events across Michigan and throughout the Midwest. In March of 2011 Social Paintball announced a contest for the best paintball video shot with a DSLR camera. DSLR camera’s are the most popular type for shooting photography but have recently broken into the cinematography scene as well. While it is much more difficult to shoot video with DSLR’s, they can produce amazing footage when done properly.

Jason¬†immediately¬†sought out to enter in the contest and headed up to CRU Paintball in Flint, Michigan to cover the National Collegiate Paintball Association’s Midwest Great Lakes Conference final event. Such teams as Western Michigan University, Eastern Michigan University, Central Michigan University, and The University of Akron Ohio were in attendance. After countless hours and late nights of filming, editing, and headaches, Coldfire Promotions submitted their video to Social Paintball.

After patiently awaiting Social Paintball’s decision, the exciting news and congratulations came via Social Paintball’s YouTube channel this week.

Coldfire Promotions would like to thank Social Paintball, CRU Paintball, the National Collegiate Paintball Association, and most importantly you, our fans! Enjoy the video below!

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