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Cyber Security

There has been a lot of concern lately over hacking and cyber security. The New York Times recently reported on how American cyber intelligence officials confirm “an overwhelming percentage of the attacks on American corporations, organizations and government agencies originate in and around the … 12-story white office tower, the People’s Liberation Army base for China’s growing corps of cyberwarriors..” While the Chinese government has denied these allegations, there’s still a major concern for website security.

Recently we’ve seen a few local websites hacked and it has crippled their online presence, in one case rendering it virtually non-existent. This local bar wound up having a hacker install malware (Wikipedia link) on two pages of their rather small website. Since no one was actively watching their website, the attack was not overcome before the world’s biggest search engine, Google, blocked their site from access. The following is a screenshot of their site while trying to access it after the attack in the Google Chrome browser:

Chrome-blocked Website
*Website URL redacted

Even though only two of the pages on their eleven page website were attacked, you could not access the website in away way through Google Chrome. Awesome news for the internet users, horrific news for the business.

Fortunately the issue was taken care of shortly after we notified the owner of the bar, but the damage had already been done. Google still marked their site with a warning in their search results for weeks following the attack.

We always like to refer to your businesses website as your 24/7 Storefront. Your lights might only be on from 8-5 Monday through Friday, but the lights never turn off online. Websites are often where first impressions are made so it’s a good idea to make sure you don’t neglect it. Even if it’s investing in the long run, it’s much smarter (and cheaper) to spend a few extra bucks every month than to have to pay someone to completely rebuild your website from scratch. That local bar got lucky with their quick fix, sometimes it’s much worse. Let’s take a look at the biggest concerns with cyber security issues.



Common Concerns with Cyber Security:

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  • Cross-site scripting
  • SQL injection
  • Cross-site request forgery
  • Remote file include
  • Information leakage and improper error handling
  • Broken authentication and session management issues
  • Insecure cryptographic storage






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These may all look gibberish to you, but I assure you they are very real and very frightening things (at least they are to a web developer!). According to a cyber security report by Hewlett Packard, “the number of Web application vulnerabilities peaked in 2006, and has since been slowly declining—at least in commercially available applications and components.” However, we’re not out of the proverbial storm just yet. Take a look at how many web applications attacks that same study found in 2011 alone just from the three major type of attacks:

Web Application Attacks
Web application attacks by category measured by the IPS, 2011 (source: Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.)


So what can we do?

Fortunately a quality hosting provider will implement security features to keep the servers save. However, that doesn’t necessarily protect your website itself. Lack of patching and updating, poor coding techniques, outdated methods, using third party tools from untrusted sources, and a variety of other things can all create major gaps in the security of your website. You don’t leave the front door to your store or office open all night with no one around, do you? Just like your storefront, your website needs 24/7 support, too.

This is where we come in. Coldfire Promotions is proud to announce our new Monthly Website Maintenance Packages! Keep your peace of mind and protect your online storefront with regular backups, security patches, software updates, search engine optimization, Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools setup and monitoring, and much more! Currently we are only making the packages below available to customers that had their website built by Coldfire Promotions, but feel free to contact us for a free estimate for your website. You can also request a free quote directly from our website, too.

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If you’re ready to ramp up the security of your 24/7 storefront, contact us immediately and we’ll start updating right away. Better now than never and better safe than sorry!

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