Monthly Content Marketing Package

Content Marketing is one of the best way to improve your businesses Search Engine Optimization. Including different types of content, we’ll write it for you, include graphics, and promote it!

$100 fee covers bi-monthly 30 minute consultations.

Industry News Article (500+ words)

How-to Article (~350 words)

Long List/Complementary Post (~250 words)

Observational/Update Post (150-200 words)


Industry News Article

By writing timely content and quoting experts, media personalities, etc. we can leverage their massive social media network as they tend to link to those articles that point back to them. This also provides valuable feedback to search engines that favor content that gets shared across social media networks.

Word Count: 500+


How-To Article

With a heavy focus on search engine optimization through keyword usage, these articles typically target potential customers directly. While the content can sometimes be complex, it’s ability to drive organic search traffic can be invaluable for consistently generating passive leads.

Word Count: ~350


Long List/Complementary Post

Another excellent way of driving traffic is cross-promoting industry events, vendors, complementary organizations, and more in order to catch their attention and, again, leverage their network to our own advantage.

Word Count: ~250


Observational/Update Post

Sometimes a quick and simple update for your customers is necessary, or maybe you want to publish an inspiring story about some recent news. Either way, these posts are great for continually adding content and driving traffic.

Word Count: 150-200

Social media posts may be similar cross-platform but will never be identical on the same platform.


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