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If you’re not continually updating your website like you should, chances are it has become rather stale. Spruce up your WordPress website with a complete makeover from Coldfire Promotions. Including a brand new theme from WooThemes (Canvas + your choice of child theme) and a dozen bonus features!

All you have to do is pay a one-time setup fee and subscribe for a minimum of 3 months to any of our maintenance packages.

Please contact us for a custom quote for websites with 25+ pages.



Storefront + Child Theme or Any of the WooThemes.com Themes ($399 value)

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Bonus Features

Responsive Design

No more needing to worry about what your website looks like on a smartphone or tablet, let alone if it even works. With Responsive Design, your website will form to any device! “Mobile websites” are a thing of the past.

Custom Homepage Setup

While the custom homepage layouts from WooThemes are awesome, if you’re just not that into it and love the rest of one of the themes, we’ll customize the entire thing starting with the first click.

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools Integration

Running a website without tracking the traffic leaves you clueless when it comes to making changes, adjusting the user’s content flow, or even determining if your website is being used. With integrations from Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, we will have real-time traffic stats, search engine optimization recommendations, and more technical things like crawl errors and sitemap pinging.

Google Fonts Integration

Choose from the hundreds of web-safe fonts from Google!

Browse Fonts

High-Caliber Search Engine Optimization

Improve your SEO with keyword analysis, meta and link elements, XML sitemaps, and social media integration! Every page, post, and product includes a tool to help you improve.

Beautiful Portfolio Display

Showcase your portfolio easily and beautifully with the Projects plugin. Widgets and shortcodes included, you can add mini or full-blow portfolio galleries throughout your site. Integrated with the Testimonials plugin, you can assign a client testimonial to a project and display it its portfolio page!

Customer Testimonials

Customers love reading about what other customers think of your company, product or service. The Testimonials integration makes adding and displaying testimonials a breeze!

With options to set a byline for each testimonial, a URL to that person or company’s website and either an e-mail for a Gravatar or a featured image, showing everyone what your customers think of your company just got a whole lot easier.

Staff Bio’s and Contact Info

The “Our Team” plugin is a clean and easy-to-use team profile management system for WordPress. Load in your team members and display their profiles via a shortcode, widget or template tag on your website. Assign team members to a user, allowing team members to manage their own description via the bio on the profile page as well as display a link to their author archive.

E-mail Marketing  Subscriptions

While you may not quite be ready to start blasting your customers with e-mails, there’s no better time than now to collect their names and e-mail address. We’ll manage your database for you – there’s no charge until you’re ready to start sending!

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