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Website Blackout in Support of #StopCISPA Campaign

Coldfire Promotions Blacked Out in Support of #StopCISPA Campaign

The controversial bill called Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, also known as CISPA, passed the United States House with a positive 288-127 vote last week, causing quite the stir among internet privacy and civil rights advocates. While proponents of the bill say it will increase our cyber security, internet activists point out that companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter could hand over your personal information to the government without a warrant, a direct violation of your 4th Amendment rights. We here at Coldfire Promotions agree.

In support of the #StopCISPA campaign, we blacked out our website on Monday, April 22, 2013. We encourage you to share your views with your Senator, too!

Coldfire Promotions Blacked Out in Support of #StopCISPA Campaign

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